RENT  Scenic Design Rendering

"La Vie Boheme" - Company

"Rent" — Mark, Roger, Benny, Collins, Joanne and Company

"Rent" - Company

"La Vie Bohemme" — Mark, Waiter, Roger, Benny, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Maureen, Joanne, Mr. Grey and Company

"Tune Up" Mark, Roger, Company

RENT Preshow

"Tune Up" Mark and Roger

"La Vie Bohemme" — Benny, Mr. Grey and Company

"I Should Tell You" — Mimi and Roger

"Without You" — Roger and Mimi


RENT Elevation Example

Directed by Dr. Linda Donahue, Scenic Design by Matt Plummer, Lighting Design by Emmett Buhmann, Costume Design by Leigh Anne Crandall, Sound Design by Becca Venable, Photography by Jared Canada